Home buying is a very exciting time or period of your life. You want to thoroughly enjoy it and want to be aware about a lot of things. We at Magichomes thrive to make your decision and buying simple easy and very informative.  We have given some essential tips and information to make it easier for you.  

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- COMMUNITY:  Where do you want to live ?

- BUDGET: How Much do you want to spend?

- DOWN PAYMENT: What percentage of Down payment will you have ?

- WHERE IS THE DOWN PAYMENT: Where is the down payment , Bank , Cash , Papa, Muma , Friend , House, Neighbour?

AFFORDIBILITY: How much can you afford? Know your numbers and Calculations

CREDIT HISTORY: Very Important and can be surprising as well.

SIZE/KIND: How big and WHAT kind?

NEEDS : I need 2 bedroom and 2 wash room at least?

WANTS: I want a Beautiful View, Best location , Lots of Restaurant , Closer to the school?

CLOSING COST: What is it?

LTT – LAND TRANSFER COST: We need to pay it to the city .

- CMHC: Do I need to know about this?

BENEFITS: Yes there are benefits to First time Home Buyer.

MORTGAGE: It’s a lean , not a loan . Let’s learn more.

CLOSING: Its your!!!!!!